Mogambo Ibn Munim †

  • Munim Ibn Saddam x Scarlet
  • Purebred Arabian Gelding
  • Dob: 08.02.1990 - 12.12.2021
  • Color: grey
  • Breeder: E.-M. Zimmermann, Germany
  • Mogambo Ibn Munim is the originator of our passion for the Arabian horse. As a five-year-old gelding, Mogambo came to Maja Schläpfer and is a loyal and reliable companion to the entire family Schläpfer over all these years. Under the Western saddle, he has participated at several smaller tournaments. On the trail ride he was an absolutely reliable mate of the then thirteen-year-old Christina. Even today at his old age, it does not detract from its beauty, his fire and joie de vivre.

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Fotos: © Archiv Schläpfer, M.Groger