Review of the year 2013


On the first weekend of Advent MZ Djlshada started her journey to the World Championships in Paris, France. Presented by Luca Oberti, "Chilly" gave her best one last time for this year. Seeing our horse in this big and glamorous arena was impressive. The entire stud EMAJ is extremely proud of "Chilly" and her legendary show season, which was gloriously completed with the excellently performance in Paris, honorably representing the Swiss breed. Now we are looking forward to a quiet christmas season and are happy to have our star back home, where she can now spend her youth with friends in the pasture.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

World Championship 2013 Paris FR - MZ Djlshada reist nach Paris

The decision was made. After the fantastic performance in Aachen, we decided to send MZ-Djlshada to the European Championship in Verona, Italy in early November. It's an unforgettable weekend for us. "Chilly" was winner in a strong double class with a sensational score of 91.67 points. With this breathtaking victory she moved into the championship. The championship was nerve-wracking and the twelve competitors did not make it easy for MZ Djlshada. But the Diva was unstoppable and brought home the bronze medal and thus the title of European Junior Bronze Championesse for our stud and Switzerland. Simply great!

Photo: © Nicoletta Abelli

European Championship Verona IT - MZ Djlshada Bronze Championesse

After the successful shows of the past few months, we decided to take on the big challenge and traveled to Aachen with the international title show, the All Nations Cup, at the end of September with MZ-Djlshada (QR Marc x W.A. Djambala). In a very strong double class, she was able to defend against the best and moved with 90.67 points and a sensational 4th place in the top five. An excellent result. Of course we did not miss the following flag parade. It was a great honor to represent Switzerland in Aachen - Swiss horse, Swiss owner and Swiss flag, a touching moment.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Int. Titel-Show All Nations Cup Aachen DE - MZ-Djlshada Top Five

"She did it again" - our little diva is unstoppable! After a short show break, MZ-Djlshada proves that she is extremely motivated and in absolute top form. So the young lady also proved in Salzkotten that she can prevail against strong competition. With gigantic 91.67 points "Chilly" moved into the championship and won the title international Silver Junior Champion

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Int. C-Show Salzkotten DE - MZ-Djlshada Silver Junior Championnesse

Our charming beauty queen Malika Al Jamaal (Pryam El Jamaal x Muhadschirina) finally returns to the stud farm from riding education five months later. She had settled incredibly fast and well into her new job. She is a motivated and attentive horse with gears to fall in love and to ride very fine. She has become a very self-confident lady, who presents herself in freestyle as well as under the saddle. Malika has excellent qualities as a sport or leisure horse, as well as a broodmare.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Malika Al Jamaal finally returns

On the first weekend of August our MZ Djlshada (QR Marc x W.A. Djambala) traveled to the Kauber Platte in Germany, where for the 15th time a wonderful and beautiful show was organized. Despite the hot temperatures, our little diva "Chilly" could not be stopped and once again rocked the show ring. She obviously enjoyed throwing herself into a pose. Trainer Mary Lang and numerous helpers carried unmistakable fan t-shirts in honor of this small, self-confident young horse lady. The reward for the engagement was no less than a sensational class victory and the gold medal in the international junior championship! With 90.67 points she was despite a strong field. At this point a big thank you to Mary Lang and the dear helpers who cheered "Chilly" with great passion and support us!

Photo: © Joelle Müller

Int. B-Show Kauber Platte DE - MZ Djlshada Gold Junior Championnesse

Only a week after the difficult birth, the shock came. Shayan got a life-threatening, bacterial infection in the shoulder joint. In the animal hospital he fought again for his still so young life. We tried to make mother and child the hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Every day fresh grass from the local pastures. After long six weeks full of fear the first success. Shayan could come home. On the agenda were gymnastics and running exercises, physiotherapy and many cuddly units, which he enjoyed.

Shayan - the struggle for survival

Spring gave way to summer and it was time for our gelding Kahiil (Lorenz El Yllan x Kalifah El Gaug) to return home to Switzerland after three years on the foal pasture in Germany. He has developed into a strong and healthy gelding. This change is always impressive.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Kahiil came home from the foal pasture

MZ Djlshada boosted up immediately after her successful show start. On the last weekend of June, she entered the two-year-old class at the show in Obergerlafingen, Switzerland. With a class victory she moved into the championship, where she won the title of international Junior Gold Championnesse. Furthermore, she was honored as the "Best Arabian Horse bred in Switzerland".

Photo: © Joelle Müller

Int. C-Show Obergerlafingen CH - MZ Djilshada Junior Gold Championnesse

The filly foal Naajizah Bint Shahmaan is born. Only ten days after the heavy birth of Shayan, a healthy and lively filly came into the world. Naajizah is a bright, funny young lady and true racehorse. Early exercises. Only one day after birth she tested her legs.

Naajizah (Om El Shahmaan x Norah El Perseus) is born

On Saturday morning the first foal of this spring was born. Shaykhah was in labor, but it did not work as it should. The unborn foal was wrong, in a breech in the stomach. Together, the foal had to be pulled to the world. The little stallion did not breathe, showed no reflexes and his heart beat only weakly. Thanks to the greatest, united efforts, we were able to bring the little fellow back to life. After two days, the little man finally managed to get up by himself and drink on his own. A first breath of relief. Due to the imbalance in the mother's belly, his twisted limbs had to be massaged and gymnastic every day. What he obviously enjoyed to the fullest. Welcome to life Shayan (Marjan Albidayer x Shaykhah Bint Aryes)

Shayan (Marjan Albidayer x Shaykhah Bint Aryes) is born

With a laughing and a crying eye, we say "Bye, bye Muharridh Ibn Al Hadiyah". Amor tensed his bow and arrow and hit the hearts of Anja and Muharridh (Al Hadiyah AA x Muhadschirina). Already after the first visit it was clear, the two are meant for each other. We wish Anja and the whole family Baumgartner much joy in their great new fellow and only the best on their common path. PS: Shortly after moving Muharridh found many new friends and quickly felt at home in his new home.

Muharridh leaves us

The show season started again with spring. MZ Djlshada traveled to Travagliato on the weekend of 27 and 28 April for the international B-show and opened the season with a great class win in a strong double class. In pouring rain and soaked to the skin our "Chilly" fought in the championship and won the bronze medal and thus the title Junior Bronze Championnesse! A happy Schläpfer family with the proud trainer Mary Lang.

Photo: © Nicoletta Abelli

Int. B-Show Travagliato IT - MZ Djlshada Junior Bronze Championnesse

Mashid conquers hearts! We wish Andrea Schläpfer a lot of fun and joy with her new companion.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Mashid conquers hearts

Spring slowly became noticeable. The time for hours of riding. Khuzama continued her career as a riding horse after maternity leave, enjoying the rides with Sabaal at her side.

Rides in the spring

January was calm and the weather brought a lot of snow. The stud farm took the time to recharge for the New Year. Several years ago our beauty Mehrunnisa traveled with her new owner to San Jon in Scuol. Our journey took us right there, into the snowy mountain paradise. Once there we met two winter beauties who have become a harmonious and inseparable team in the past years. Mehrunnisa and Daniela! It was a great pleasure to see how our once small Mehrunnisa had developed so well.

Mehrunnisa and Daniela