Review of the year 2020


The last sunny day for the year 2020. Tomorrow the sun will rise for the first time, in the new year 2021. We wish everyone a good start!

Last sunny day 2020

Wonderful winter landscape and fresh air

Wonderful winter landscape and fresh air

The week with big plans begins 😉

The week with big plans begins

We wish you a beautiful Advent season.

We wish you a beautiful Advent season

Congratulations to the proud new owner of our elegant Shaheerah Bint Eternity (Eternity Ibn Navarrone-D x Shamaliah). You have truly chosen a jewel from our herd of mares. We are all the more pleased to be able to keep Shaheerah with us to train her for you and to accompany her on her way to becoming a riding horse.

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Shaheerah leaves us

🍂 Autumn 🍂 We love it, strolling through the wood with all this colors. Malika Al Jamaal (Pryam El Jamaal x Muhadschirina) and Sabaah Il Kayr (Javier El Jamaal x Scarlett) with Delphine and me.


Can‘t wait to meet the foals out of this three pretty mare: Juliah B checked in foal to AJ Elaf, Nawari El Noor in foal to Calypso OS and Shamaliah in foal to Alfabia Babilon. So excited for 2021!

tragende Stuten

Last, but not least our beautiful treasure: Juliah B (Justify x Bint Bey Shah). This mare captured our hearts at first sight. Her beauty doesn‘t need any further words. Her character is super sweet, she always is kind and loves to be cuddled. When she is moving in her strong trot, the ground seems to quiver. Her presence is all over the place. We just love her! Eagerly awaiting her foal from AJ Elaf in April 2021.

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Juliah B (Justify x Bint Bey Shah)

Shamaliah (Stival x Al Shareefah) is already known for her great success in the show ring at small and some big shows like Aachen too. But this mare isn‘t just looking pretty in the show ring, she is looking great under saddle as well. She got gently broken in early this spring and is working so nicely. An other pearl under saddle at the EMAJ Family.

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Shamaliah (Stival x Al Shareefah) under saddle

Shasmin (QR Marc x Shamaliah), under the saddle since spring 2020, is a very promising young mare who is incredibly motivated and willing to learn. She develops well under the saddle and is very versatile. Shasmin is looking for an active and lovable person for the future together. Whether athletically ambitious, recreational rider or breeder, Shasmin has the necessary qualities for all requirements.

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Shasmin (QR Marc x Shamaliah) under saddle

May I introduce you to our charmer Darshan El Santorini? He wrapped all of us around our hooves with his charming manner.

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Darshan El Santorini (MZ-Djlshada x Santorini)

Look who grew up into a beautiful, elegant and strong lady: Our white swan, Nawari El Noor (Emerald J x Norah El Perseus). She also makes a good figure under saddle, learns extremely quickly and likes to go off-road. Nawari became a wonderful young mare and we can‘t wait to welcome her first foal. She is in foal to Calypso OS for 2021.

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Our white swan, Nawari El Noor

We are very proud to present you our filly 🌟Gandari El Saanj🌟 born 2020, sired by Jaipur El Perseus out of our wonderful Grace J. She has legs, that seem to grow up into the sky, an amazingly elegant body and movements to dream of. Grace J prooved her extremely high quality as a brood mare once again with her second filly. We are giftet having her and her two daughters in our mare herd.

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Gandari El Saanj

Our beautiful Don Juan (Fadi Al Shaqab x MZ-Djlshada) has grown into a really handsome and strong gelding! We have worked a lot with him since spring to prepare him optimally for his job under the saddle. In the last 3/4 year he has developed again physically so that we can soon start working under the saddle. Don Juan is still waiting for his love on two legs for life. Who knows, maybe he'll win your heart ???

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Don Juan

The boss - Norah El Perseus (Perseus El Jamaal x Niharra El Jamaal) has the mare herd of EMAJ fully under control.

The boss

OOOOKAY, I always try to be serious during work ... BUT sometimes they (photographer and helper) make it really difficult for me to stay focused 🙄😂 The main thing is that the horses pose great and I screw it up 🤦🏼🙄😂 It was really a fun shoot! 😂


What is she coming up with now ??? I have to take a closer look at that. Aaach, it's just an umbrella, boring ... what do these humans think that such a small umbrella should upset me?!?!? I am a brave and proud riding horse now.


Caution, done and GO! “Get out of the picture I'm posing!!!!“


Stalking and miming the tiger ... Pffffff as if this guy was scared 🙄 The tiger must get even wilder 🤔


"Please smile" our good fairy Antonie Stürminger-Werner makes sure that not only the horses' eyes roll out 🙄😂 For three days we had a lot of fun at the photo shoot with Melanie Groger. We look forward to the pictures of our offspring. Stay tuned, not only our foals were photographed, but also our freshly ridden young horses. We can't wait to share the pictures with you.

photo shoot with Melanie Groger

Yesterday Nabucco El Perseus (QR Marc x Norah El Perseus) moved into his new home. For the last two months I have been able to promote this great gelding in training and make him familiar with his new owners. It was a very nice time to be able to witness his enormous development on the one hand and to see a new deep friendship develop on the other. That's why it was all the more difficult for me to let him go now. I will miss this happy, gentle and funny gelding, as well as the regular visits from his nice owners. Take care Nabucco, we wish you an exciting and happy life!

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Nabucco leaves us

No fight without munchies! Sayyidah Bint Al Shareefah is absolutely right. Strengthening between jumping training in the morning and off-road training at noon. Once again a huge thank you to Eva Weber. We are so excited about the progress Sayyidah has made with you in the three courses and we always have a lot of fun! Simply in love with this great, beautiful and sporty young mare.

No fight without munchies

Sayyidah Bint Al Shareefah (Marajj x Al Shareefah *2015) has been under the saddle for about 1.5 years and inspires us every day. Her thirst for learning seems almost insatiable, she is enthusiastic about everything, always very motivated and in a good mood. This great picture was taken along with others in our second off-road course. A big thank you to Eva Weber for the great course and for making me enthusiastic about cross-country riding thanks to you. I'm already looking forward to the next course! 😃

Foto: © Johanna Vogelsang

Sayyidah in our second off-road course

They actually didn't want a young horse or gelding. But it was love at first sight. Nabucco was not chosen, but apparently chose his people himself. He didn't give them any other choice, they just had to fall in love with this charming, talented, friendly and beautiful gelding. Now it's official, Nabucco El Perseus (QR Marc x Norah El Perseus) has found his people. I am all the more pleased that this talented young gelding will be promoted in the classic riding style. It has such great potential and I'm really excited to see how it will develop. Now we can enjoy him for another two months, during w hich he will stay with us in the riding training before he can then move to his new home 😃

Nabucco leaves us

Like Mother like daughter. Grace J is the undisputed queen, so if the lady of the world doesn't want to get up, you can ask for her hooves to be scratched out while lying down. Her little daughter Gandari El Saanj took over this right away 😂 The positive thing, you can also sit down comfortably to scratch their hooves, true to the motto "give and take". It is simply priceless to have these great animals with their peculiarities around you every day. Grace J in particular often makes me smile at her noble and only slightly arrogant behavior 😅

hooves to be scratched out while lying down

Dayeemah Sweet Bint Gazal (Gazal Al Shaqab x MZ-Djlshada) moved into her new home yesterday. Despite the fact that she has never left our stud farm, she accepted the change very calmly and relaxed. She explored the new environment with great interest, as did her new friends. Of course, “Sweety” was happy to receive the great attention and delicacies from her new owner. We are convinced that these two will be inseparable and close friends in no time. As a breeder, this is the best gift to know that a beloved protégé has come into good hands and has an exciting and beautiful life ahead.

Dayeemah in her new home

We wish our Dayeemah Sweet Bint Gazal (Gazal Al Shaqab x MZ-Djlshada) the best imaginable on her new life. We will miss this charming young mare who has developed so fantastically under the saddle. But there is a really great person waiting for her and can hardly wait to welcome "Sweety" into her new home!

Foto: © Melanie Groger

Dayeemah leaves us

Why do our horses have no problems with shaving and clipping? Because we get them used to it early on, with a lot of patience and trust. Even if it is only “dry runs”, they are important for later emergencies. Investing this time is worth it. Whether a horse should go to the show or not, a veterinarian also has to use a clipper from time to time. Darshan El Santorini is definitely enjoying it a lot.

dry runs

We are over the moon! Our beautiful Juliah B (Justify x Bint Bey Shah) is checked in foal with AJ Elaf (AJ Mardan x AJ Estrella). One try and a success! Let‘s keep fingers crossed that she will keep it! We can‘t wait to get the first foal out of her here in Switzerland soon,

Juliah B is checked in foal

The two like each other ... Darshan El Santorini (Santorini x MZ-Djlshada) is not allowed to guezzli yet, but nibbling your fingers is also cool 😃

The two like each other ...

Greetings from our kindergarten. The elegant chestnut lady Gandari El Saanj (Grace J x Jaipur El Perseus) and the cheeky bay fellow Darshan El Santorini (Santorini x MZ-Djlshada).

Greetings from our kindergarten

And the second is already there. Last night, MZ-Djlshada gave us a wonderful colt, Darshan El Santorini by Santorini. Both are up and healthy. We couldn't be happier and he's so cute! 😃

Darshan El Santorini (MZ-Djlshada x Santorini) is born

There she is 😃 Gandari El Saanj, a filly out of our Grace J by Jaipur El Perseus. Healthy and happy! We are really happy 😍

Gandari El Saanj (Jaipur El Perseus x Grace J) is born

See who has come out with me again after a long time. Mama with our wonderful Shaykhah Bint Aryes. In order to escape the Corona forced house arrest for a few hours and to get some fresh air, we set out on horseback, of course in compliance with the security measures, into the forest. It was really good for the soul. We are very grateful for every moment that we can enjoy with our wonderful animals.

See who has come out with me again after a long time

Nabucco El Perseus (QR Marc x Norah El Perseus) has been under the saddle for about three weeks and is on his first ride today. He did a fantastic job. He is interested in everything, learns very quickly, goes along with everything so willingly and his walks amazed me every day! I am looking forward to his future career as a riding horse.

Nabucco El Perseus (QR Marc x Norah El Perseus) on his first ride

These two heavily pregnant ladies make me smile every day. They look so cute with their biiiiiiiiiiiiiig bellies! 😍 Grace J and MZ-Djlshada

heavily pregnant mares

Last minute decision 😇 ... We got there just in time to see Juliah B‘s son Truse (by Trussardi) at the Western Pleasure here in Scottsdale AZ. We can hardly wait to cover this great mare soon.

Last minute decision

Today Mogambo Ibn Munim (Munim Ibn Saddam x Scarlet) is 30 years old! For 25 years he has been part of our lives, partner, friend, teacher, guardian and responsible for our passion for the Arabian horse. He is a very special horse and shapes our lives. Let's hope for many more years together. He is fit like an 8-year-old 😁😍 [Mogambo was a present from my dad to my mum, to see them still together is just wonderful!]

Mogambo Ibn Munim (Munim Ibn Saddam x Scarlet) turns 30

„Hallooooooo??? You up there, I hear you! Could you please finally throw down the breakfast?!?!? You are two minutes late and here are some who urgently need to be strengthened!“ - if horses could speak 😉


Shasmin (QR Marc x Shamaliah) born 2016. Recently under the saddle, Shasmin is doing very well. She is extremely eager to learn and tries to get everything right.

Recently under the saddle - Shasmin (QR Marc x Shamaliah)

Magic home ...

Magic home ...