Review of the year 2012


On the weekend of September 15-16, Shamaliah (Stival x Al Shareefah) enjoyed it to present herself at the international C-Show in Salzkotten / DE and was elected Junior Silver Champion.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Int. C-Show Salzkotten DE - Shamaliah Junior Silver Championnesse

Our four "gold girls" made a successful Swiss show: Shamaliah on Saturday won the class of the 1-year-old fillies and got the daily highest score of 7.5. Siraj al Lail also presented himself excellently and was the second-placed filly of the 2-year-old class with a score of 7.0. Sabaah Il Khayr surprised us with a class-win of the 5-year-old mares with a score of 7.5. Also Khadija convinced with a score of 7.3 and a second place of the filly foals 2012.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Our four gold girls made a successful Swiss show 2012

Our last foal of this year is born: Shakeel (Stival x Al Shareefah)

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Shakeel (Stival x Al Shareefah) is born

MZ Djlshada reached a top five ranking at the international B-Show in stud farm of the Ismer family in Stroehen / DE on the weekend of 21 to 22 July in a strong field double class.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Int. B-Show Ismer Stud Stroehen DE - MZ Djlshada Top Five

On June 29, 2012 Muharridh (Al Hadiyah AA x Muhadschirina) came home from the foal pasture. In the past two years he has developed into a magnificent young gelding with great potential. Amazing calm he has accepted the transport, the loading and unloading and immediately remembered his home stable. Now he will enjoy the pasture and a light training with our older geldings and a young stallion. This beautiful, pure Egyptian bred horse will make a dedicated rider a lot of fun.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Muharridh is back home

Our MZ-Djlshada was elected Junior Gold Champion at the international C-Show in the state stud Marbach / DE.

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Int. C-Show state stud Marbach DE - MZ Djlshada Junior Gold Championnesse

On the weekend of June 10, 2012 Shamaliah (Stival x Al Shareefah) entered the international C-Show in the French Château d'Ittenwiller and took fourth place in a strong yearling class! Congratulations to the trainer Mary Lang and her team and thank you for the professional presentation.

Int. C-Show Château d'Ittenwiller FR - Shamaliah Top Five

On Thursday our colt out of Norah el Perseus was born: Najaam El Perseus (Al Lahab x Norah El Perseus)

Najaam (Al Lahab x Norah El Perseus) is born

Kubayshan Ibn Wuotan leaves us and moves to his new home. We wish Mrs. Pia Burren all the best with her new horse.

Kubayshan Ibn Wuotan leaves us

Only three days later, the temperature is still 20°C minus, the filly Khadija (Ajman Moniscione x Khuzama Bint Javier el Jamaal) is born. Here the proud mother with her daughter, Khadija and Khuzama.

Khadija (Ajman Moniscione x Khuzama Bint Javier el Jamaal) is born

The first days outside, of course, with blanket, at cruel temperatures around -12°C Mashid (El Sid x Muhadschirina) born on 08.02.2012 at icy 20°C degrees minus.

Mashid (El Sid x Muhadschirina) is born