Review of the year 2019


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year 2020.

Photo: © Joelle Müller

Merry Christmas and a great New Year

This is exactly why we love the arabian horses so much. They are amazing friendly horses with a big hearth for children and their human friends. It was hearth warming to see, how much our horses enjoyed being petted by all the visitors and especially by the children.

Photo: © Melanie Groger


Saturday December 14th - We feel very blessed, spending such a wonderful evening with so many visitors, horse lovers, friends and family. It was a great evening and event and we would like to say thank you to all our helpers, grooms and our visitors for making this event as special as it was. Special thanks to Melanie Groger ZoomPerformance who captured all the great moments with her camera. A wonderful event like this was just possible because of a great and efficient team, grooms and friends. Many thanks to you all! It was so wonderful with all our friends, relatives, family and guests from near and far.

Photo: © Melanie Groger


The end of the show season is the beginning of the riding season ... in the picture is our show star and multichampion Shamaliah (Stival x Al Shareefah) training for a riding horse.

Shamaliah training as a riding horse

Words cannot describe how honored we feel and how thankful we are. Juliah B (Justify x Bint Bey Shah) is here.

Juliah B (Justify x Bint Bey Shah)

There we go ... off to Europe

off to Europe Juliah B (Justify x Bint Bey Shah)

Sooo excited ... Our Don Juan is finally coming home from the field. What a pretty young man he became!

Back home - Don Juan (Fadi Al Shaqab x MZ-Djlshada)

Huge congratulations to the new proud owner of this young jewel, Nyagarah Bint Psytadel (Psytadel x Norah El Perseus). Our „Top Model“ found her human soulmate and we are delighted this two pretty ladies found each other. All the best for your future!

Nyagarah leaves us

What a great weekend for us in Chantilly at the European Breeders Cup. Sitara Bint Hariry (Hariry Al Shaqab x Al Shareefah) got first in class and Bronze Championesse in an incredible beautiful and strong championship! Shamaliah (Stival x Al Shareefah) got third in class and was able to show herself again in the championships. We are proud and blessed with our wonderful horses. Congratulations to all competitors and their wonderful horses!


Congratulations to the proud new owner of Scaramelle (Emerald J x Sabaah Il Khayr). We wish you two a great future together!

Scaramelle leaves us

Our last foal for this season was born two weeks ago. We are so happy welcoming a healthy and super pretty colt in our EMAJ Family. Nashanji Al Shabanu (Invictus x Norah El Perseus) - Many thanks to Luca Oberti, we‘re excited for this colt sired by your wonderful Invictus (Cavalli x Althea).

Nashanji Al Shabanu (Invictus x Norah El Perseus) is born

Lage-Hörste Int. C-Show DE:
Nawari El Noor (Emerald J x Norah El Perseus) Silver Champion Senior Mare presented herself fantastic and I love seeing this mare flying through the ring. No more words needed, I just adore this young and promising mare. One day she is a teacher for non horse people in a leadership workshop, the day after she does a good job becoming a riding horse and on an other day she presents herself like a queen in the show ring.
Sabaah Il Khayr (Javier El Jamaal x Scarlett) was never presented on an international show before. As my riding horse under western saddle I always thought, there is no need to present her, as she will be bored on a show for sure. Just for fun I showed her and she did great. It was fun seeing her in the outfit of a show horse. She got second in class and did such a good job in the championships together with Franz Keller on the lead. They were so nice to watch from the other end of „the line up of the championships“.
Shasmin (QR Marc x Shamaliah) was away from home for the very first time. She kept her nerves and did a very good job on her very first show. I was so proud of her, she really tried hard to please me, even though she was a bit shy still. Looking forward to show her again, she got a lot of potential.
Many thanks to the team of Lage-Hörste show for their efforts and hard work!

Photo: © Melanie Groger

Int. C-Show Lage-Hörste DE

It was a great start to the show season after a long winter break. Three of our mares took the long way to Holland to participate at the int. C Show Arabian Horse Weekend in Sint-Oedenrode. All three presented themselves excellently and seemed to have fun with it. Shamaliah (Stival x Al Shareefah) got 2nd place in the class, Nawari El Noor (Emerald J x Norah El Perseus) got 2nd place in the class and Sitara Bint Hariry (Hariry Al Shaqab x Al Shareefah) got 3rd place in the class. Many thanks to the organizers, the Stoop family, it was a fantastic show that was organized with great commitment and attention to detail.

Start of the show season in Sint-Oedenrode

Practice early ... Thanks to our great and patient blacksmith, our foals learn early on how to do this 😁

Practice early

We are very proud on our horses, as they got some great results in the last show season 2018. We had three horses in training, „THE THREE SISTERS“ and got the 1st place with SHAMALIAH, 2nd place with SITARA BINT HARIRY and 4th place with SAYYIDAH BINT AL SHAREEFAH of the annual ranking here in Switzerland.

Annual ranking in Switzerland

Hello world! A wonderful colt, Dayjshan out of MZ-Djlshada sired by Cavalli, was born last night. We are sooo happy, he‘s healthy and strong. He got the best mom you can think of 😍

Dayjshan (Cavalli x MZ-Djlshada) is born

Look who is on his way back home ... well back home, straight to the clinic to be gelded and than back home 😁 Stay tuned for Nabucco El Perseus (QR Marc x Norah El Perseus). He developed great and as soon as he recovered from his surgery and got a bath i will show you more 😃

Back home - Nabucco El Perseus (QR Marc x Norah El Perseus)

Well, a good pre-stretching is very important before work 😉 Sayyidah Bint Al Shareefah by Marajj is doing great under saddle and always beeing so lovely 😃

good pre-stretching - Sayyidah (Marajj x Al Shareefah)

We are so happy for this young and cute gelding. At a sunday afternoon, a friendly young lady came and fell in love with our beloved Shayan Ibn Marjan Albidayer (Marjan Albidayer x Shaykhah Bint Aryes). He will have a wonderful new home and a family, that will be loving him as much and more than we do!

Photo: © Joelle Müller

Shayan leaves us

❄️ So we like the snow ❄️ Dam Sabaah Il Khayr (right) and daughter Scaramelle (left). By the way, Scaramelle looks great as a future riding horse 😃

So we like the snow