Shayan Ibn Marjan Albidayer

  • Marjan Albidayer x Shaykhah Bint Aryes
  • Purebred Arabian Gelding
  • Dob: 25.05.2013
  • Color: grey
  • Breeder: EMAJ Stud, E.M.CH. Schlaepfer
  • broken in gently
  • Shayan is a super great gelding with a character of gold. He is a reliable companion with whom one can probably do everything in life and he also loves children. Shayan is broken in and is fantastic under the saddle, but also enjoys being groomed without having to work hard ;-)

Marjan Albidayer Marajj Marwan Al Shaqab Gazal Al Shaqab
Little Liza Fame
RGA Kouress Kouvay Bey
Pustynna Droga Laheeb Imperial Imdal
AK Latifa
Pustynna Tracza Pamir
Shaykhah Bint Aryes Aryes El Ludjin Ludjin El Jamaal Ali Jamaal
Lydira El Shaklan
Aryana Shah Shahllenger
Alihana El Jamaal
Scarlett Essteem Fame VF
Scala El Jamaal Ali Jamaal
SS Marietta

Fotos: © J.Müller, M.Groger