The perfect mare

"The look in her eyes is like that
of a loving wife;
she walks like a beautiful woman;
her chest is like a chest of lion;
her flank like that of a gazelle.
She is the drinker of the wind;
she trots and gallops like a wolf
like a fox;
her coat is like a mirror, her hair as
thick as feathers on eagles wings;
her hoof is as hard as a stone, from which
you may strike fire;
she is as gentle as a lamb, but as a
Panther in wrath if she is hit or
Their nostrils are open like
Petals of a rose.
Her shoulders turn into wings,
when she runs.
Her legs are strong as those of a wild
Ostrich and muscled like those of
Her eyelashes are longer than
Barley and her ears are like two semi-precious stones of a
Spear head!"