Shaykhah Bint Aryes

  • Aryes El Ludjin x Scarlett
  • Purebred Arabian Mare
  • Dob: 24.02.2008
  • Color: grey
  • Breeder: EMAJ Stud, E.M.CH. Schlaepfer
  • broken in gently
  • Offsping:

    Shayan by Marjan Albidayer

Shaykhah Bint Aries is a tall and very correct mare ridden in classic English riding style. She is characterized by her gentle and loving character. As an educator she is an essential part of the young mare herd.


Show Switzerland / CH, Classwinner, Gold premium
Travagliato / IT, Classwinner 3 yo Fillies
Kreuth / DE, Classwinner 3 yo Fillies
Ittenwiller / FR, Gold Junior Championnesse
Aryes El Ludjin Ludjin El Jamaal Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
Lydira El Shaklan El Shaklan Elite Stallion
Aryana Shah Shahllenger Bey Shah
Wind Feature
Alihana El Jamaal Ali Jamaal
Terta Real
Scarlett Essteem Fame VF Bey Shah
Espressa El Shaklan Elite Stallion
China Moon
Scala El Jamaal Ali Jamaal Ruminaja Ali
Heritage Memory
SS Marietta Dalul

Fotos: © S.Hafner, M.Groger